Soulaire Allerai, Founder

Soulaire is a motivational speaker, published author, visionary and master storyteller. With a background, and degrees, in communications and studio art, she has found yet another venue to share her life’s passion and mission: “Art in all forms, from standard concept art on a scrap of paper to art developed on canvas, has value and merits recognition. Video games are a form of electronic art – to me, it’s another form of expression. The cool thing about it is that everyone has a connection to art; whether we love looking at it, creating it, or owning it. I believe there should be no such thing as a starving artist. They just haven’t been discovered yet. We can support and encourage artists to persevere until they achieve success.“

Soulaire believes life gives everyone an opportunity to shine, to succeed, to be creative, playful and passionate. She says, “We are all connected. When one person rises up and creates their life it verberates out and touches the world. It starts with a dream that becomes a reality. So if we don’t get up and get going our vision will never come to fruition. We are the only ones that can make our world. We are the cause and effect of our journey.”

Soulaire has pulled together an incredible team called Troop 13, that includes 3D modelers, animators, programmers, a game designer, people experienced in product development and executive staff from business operations. “This team is driven to succeed,” she says. “When faced with adversity, they rise up and find new solutions to make the dream a reality.” Soulaire is very proud of Troop 13. It is the most harmonious team she has ever worked with. They love the work they do and they love working together.