The World of Banonkey

Banonkey Town Highlights

Welcome to Banonkey Town! A wonderous place that features many rich environments, filled with creative puzzles, clever characters, and mischievous monkeys.

Banonkey Town Zoo

It’s your first day in town and on the job. You were sold the vision of a peaceful, laid back, ocean-side life as the local zoo keeper. Instead, you have walked into the aftermath of what appears to be monkey mayhem. The gift shop has been ransacked, its inventory pilfered, monkeys are menacing the town, clever fiends are conspiring and you are the one holding the keys. Will you rise to the occasion, or will you let Banonkey Town descend into monkey madness?

Frank’s Grub N Stuff

The one and only place to get all the tools you need to face this Monkey-Pocalypse. At Frank’s Grub N Stuff we have nets, sacks and barrels. We have dart guns, banana cannons, and even coconut launchers. “We guarantee one-stop-shopping for all your survival needs – so come on down and give us all your money.” -Frank

Town Park

Loved by all of the citizens of Banonkey Town for centuries as THE social hub, the City Park has suffered greatly from the primate’s shenanigans. The pavillions and playgrounds are in ruins. Restore order and bring joy and to the beloved park!


The only building in all of Banonkey Town that stands between the ships at sea and total destruction on the dangerous cliffs. Monkeys have overridden the lighthouse and taken control of the light. Now, those rascally primates are shining the powerful beam into the windows of exhausted townspeople who are desperately trying to sleep, and preventing ships filled with provisions from finding their way to port. We need sleep and we are hungry, so please save the lighthouse!

Frank’s Secret Dock

“Why does Frank have a secret dock at the bottom of the cliffs? No one knows. Furthermore, why is there a tunnel in the back that leads to the lighthouse and his store?? Don’t even bother asking why there are signs that state, “Frank’s Secret Dock.” ” For Frank’s use only.” “Go away and don’t tell anyone about it.” By the way… please DON’T tell Frank that I told you. He might have some angry words for me if you do.” -anonymous

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