Welcome to the Gentle Sleep Coach Training Membership Site!

We’re here for your Gentle Sleep Coach Journey.

Email questions or comments at any time to assistant@sleeplady.com
or call Amy at 704-209-5415

  • Class Content

    Class videos released weekly on Wednesdays as well as handout material for classes

  • Schedule

    Your Google calendar with all class and important dates

  • Class Recordings

    Couldn’t make the class? No problem, everything is recorded for yoou here!

  • Resources

    Books. articles and websites for you to check out and become familiar with.

  • Homework (later on)

    You will have one homework assigment and details will be posted
    when it’s time to get to work.

  • Business Resources and Workshops

    Resources to start building your own workshops and websites!

  • Member Forums

    Visit our forums and introduce yourself in our community.

Advanced Gentle Sleep Coaches have different tabs for Supervision,
Workshop and Business

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